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Volunteer for the XC 2014 Snack Table!!!

Every Cross Country season, parents have set up and provisioned the XC Snack Table to provide snacks for the runners after the race.

The table is set up at the Meet, either Home or Away.  Parents sign up to provide orange slices, chocolate milk, water, bagels and cream cheese, fruit snacks or Twizzlers.  Parents also sign-up to man the table (set it up and help to distribute the snacks after the race).

We've set up a VolunteerSpot page so that you can choose the Meets where you'd like to help, and to specify what you'll bring, etc.  Pease sign up today!

Any donations are greatly appreciated! 

Donations can be brought directly to the Meet, or can be dropped off at 21 Cushing Ave. (Marcia Ross) or 9 Village Lane (Gina McNiskin)      .